Our Story

Contego Tech Solutions – Your Applications Experts

CTS was built on helping customers get the most from their technical environments.   As technology moves towards cloud based solutions, CTS has been focusing on learning the applications that help you streamline your business.  We want to become your applications experts helping to gain efficiencies so that you can be industry leaders.


Contego Software Solutions (Formerly SSL Solutions)

The CSS team saw that ERP customers were being left behind if they didn’t want to move to the latest and greatest applications.  The decision to move to a new ERP is not an easy one and customers were being dragged into situations where they weren’t ready.  Or left behind to fend for themselves.   CSS was created to help these customers be supported in their current ERP environment while giving opportunities to evaluate new software platforms.


Coming Together

Coming together as a team gives us the ability to help our clients at a deeper level.  We can resolve business needs and solve problems without our clients needing to know where the issues are coming from. We can also ensure that the technologies our clients are using suit perfectly to their needs.


Here are some of the ideals we feel strongly about:

  • We believe in unbiased advice. If we don’t have your best solution we will send you elsewhere.
  • Buying an ERP is a long term decision. Give yourself time to make the right choice.
  • In the mid-tier, no ERP will ever be a 100% perfect fit. Set priorities to  choose the system with the greatest return on your investment.
  • We love efficiency and we dream of having everyone being as efficient and effective as possible. Your solution is out there.


What’s next?

  • Find out more about our Partners and staff
  • Learn more about what we do. Read about the 5 steps to optimal ERP
  • Understand the value of Project ERP. Why Change