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5 Steps to Optimal ERP


1. Choosing the right project accounting system: Understanding your unique priorities to find biggest return on your investment.

"We like working with Leon because when we need to upgrade our software or make adjustments, Leon is an expert in finance and accounting, and we can rely on him to tell us what works. We involve him in our IT decisions. Before spending any money we consult with Leon to find out what he recommends."

System Administrator,
Calgary Energy Company

We take the time to get to know your unique operation. Our consultative process will ensure your choice is prioritizing the business functions that will give you the maximum return on your investment. Tip: Switching to or upgrading to an ERP is a major investment. Allow yourself the time you need to feel good about your choice. 


2. Organizational Process Review: Because the solution is more than just software.

Moving to an ERP is a big step that requires you to upgrade your internal processes and workflow. When you work with our team you will discover how our experience will ask the right questions and our and insight will have you working smarter. Tip: Moving to an ERP will support efficient processes but it will not dictate or fix bad processes. Engage with your staff to come up with the most effective path and workflow before implementing your system. 


3. Choosing Technology: We will guide you to a strategic choice.

Need help deciding between in-house/on-premise, cloud and hosted? Each option has its pros and cons. Your company philosophy, IT staffing levels and access requirements are just some of the things that will dictate which choice works best for you.


4. Project ERP Implementation: Working collaboratively with your whole team.

System implementation is a great opportunity to create buy-in from your team for your new system and processes. We will include your team in process reviews, system implementation, testing and training. Engaging your team will ensure your new system is a success. Tip: Plan to assign internal resources to the implementation. You still have your regular jobs to get done but it will help immensely if you create an internal implementation team and set accountability. 


"The team is deep with expertise. Even when our main contact is unavailable we get great service that’s fast and fixes our issue."

System Administrator,
Calgary Energy Company

5. Long term system support: Making sure your system grows with you.

You’ve just made an important investment in your organizational success. We help you ensure that investment is maximized over the long term. We check in regularly and keep you educated on what’s new and available to keep you moving forward. Tip: It will take time for your team to adjust to the new system. It can be a lot to learn. Implement the key functions first, then continue working with your system support provider to expand system functionality over time. 


What's Next?


Meet The Experts

  • Scott Michael

    Scott is an IT professional with over 18 years’ experience designing, developing, and implementing business-critical systems across a wide range of industries. Scott has created a name for himself as an expert problem solver, programmer and developer. Scott is continually developing unique solutions for clients with dynamic needs in special industries.

    Scott’s creativity gives his clients a particular advantage. He has a knack for running through all scenarios and seeing the possibilities. Scott cuts to the bottom line asking for your desired end result. In this way he works with you to achieve your results in the most efficient and elegant way possible.

    Scott is an avid golfer in the summer and a ski-Dad in the winter. He spends many hours on the slopes with his family and daughters participating in national ski races.

  • Kevin Esau

    Since 1990 Kevin has been developing and supporting accounting soluitons.  This was the perfect fit, bringing together his accounting and IT training. Since then he supported clients to make their businesses run better using better business processes and better use of technology.

    Kevin brings CIO expertise to orgainaztions.  From business process documenation to custom applicaiton design, he brings a fresh view of business needs and helps companies get the most out of their systems. 

    Kevin enjoys getting to know people and spends a lot of time in coffee shops.  He finds a lot of joy out of being a grandfather and spends a lot of time with family.  He enjoys various sports such as curling, skiing and hiking. 

  • Leon Hager, CMA

    Since 2001, Leon has been working with Microsoft Dynamics SL (Formerly Solomon) as a user, implementer and system administrator. His technical know-how combined with a strong business background allows Leon to provide customers with a well-rounded, tried and true approach that takes into account business processes as well as system processes.

    Leon is a financial accounting expert. Leon has seen many organizations through the implementation of a new financial system. Ask to have a conversation with Leon about improving your financial accounting, financial reporting, and system workflow. He will give you the straight goods on what works, what doesn’t and what will shift your organization into a competitive space where you can focus on your KPI’s while managing risk and growing your business.

    Outside of work you could find Leon on a ball diamond with one or both of his daughters or enjoying time outdoors quadding or waterskiing.  When not outdoors, Leon enjoys spending time with family and friends.

  • Steve Swenson

    Steve is a project accounting expert. Since 1991 he has been working in accounting with financial systems. Steve has a broad range of project experience and exposure to a wide range of industries. He specializes in project accounting solutions focusing on system design, implementation, project management and long term client support.

    Steve oversees the consultative engagement process and facilitates determining the right solution for his clients. Steve offers every client his expertise on process assessment and process improvement and holds the client’s focus on their big picture priorities. In this way he ensures the best long term result for your entire organization.

    When Steve is not working you can find him racing cars, mountain biking, hanging out with his family, and coaching his son’s soccer team.